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Client-side pagination in Go (range-over function edition)


Compile-time safety for enumerations in Go

Env variables, you will (likely) find set in my Kubernetes deployments

Go runtime vs CFS quota

The Go runtime isn't aware if it runs inside a container under the resource constraints (CPU or memory). A mismatch in what the application thinks is has, and what the OS allows to use, can lead to the poor performance of the application after the unexpected throttling.

Bookmarks (issue 10)

How "go test" runs tests


Bookmarks (issue 9)

Bookmarks (issue 6)

Bookmarks (issue 4)

A real life use-case for generics in Go: API for client-side pagination


Bookmarks (issue 1)

Go talks I keep coming back to

My personal list of "top conference talks", I keep referring back to, even after years of working with Go.

Error messages in Go


Little things of Go HTTP handlers

Every time I sketch an HTTP API in Go, I wrap the code of request handlers around these small but very convenient bits.


(You don't) Insert unicode NULL character as Postgres jsonb

Lately, I’ve learned, jsonb prohibits insertion of a valid JSON string if the string contains NULL (U+0000) character.

Does profefe prefers "push" over "pull"?

profefe-collector, the main component of profefe, a system for continuous profiling, receives profiling data from an application and persists the data in the collector's storage. But why waiting for the data to be pushed instead of pulling it directly from the application?

What's in your main-dot-go? (aka Go Project boilerplate)

Sometimes I write small services in Go from scratch. And every time main.go ends up looking almost the same.


Retrieve Location of macOS Device from Go

How to access macOS Location Services and get the geographic location of the device from Go (with the help of some Objective-C).

[]byte to string conversion

Github Actions and GOPATH

Go's net/http.Headers

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