Bookmarks (issue 5)

Scott’s Bass Lessons and BassBuzz on YouTube. I’m learning how to play bass guitar 🎸 now. So far, these two channels were the most helpful with both the practice lessons, and the inspiration to move forward.

Event-driven architecture done right (Tim Berglung, Devoxx Poland 2021). Try to learn what you’re trying to do, before you elaborate the architecture, if uncertainty is very high, and you don’t know exactly what businesses are asking. Just start with something (architecturally) simple.

Amazon DynamoDB: A Scalable, Predictably Performant, and Fully Managed NoSQL Database Service (whitepaper). The analysis of the paper (Marc Brooker).

Acquired’s lessons learned from 200 company stories: optimism always wins (Sony); nothing can stop the will to survive (Nvidia); it’s never too late (TSMC); focus on what makes your beer taste better (Amazon and all utility companies); don’t be talent — own the business (Oprah, Tail Swift); you’ll get the partners you ask for (Amazon’s “If you’re not on my bus, get off”), and more.

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