Bookmarks (issue 2)

Digital object identifier (DOI) (Wikipedia). A DOI is a persistent identifier or handle used to identify various objects uniquely. It aims to be “resolvable”, usually to some form of access to the information object to which the DOI refers. This is achieved by binding the DOI to metadata about the object, such as a URL. Thus, by being actionable and interoperable, a DOI differs from identifiers such as ISBNs, which aim only to identify their referents uniquely.

Operations principles: securely deploying the graph to production at scale (Principled GraphQL). Lots of things listed there apply to any sort of APIs — not only to GraphQL.

Songs your English teacher will NEVER teach! (Learn English with Papa Teach Me). Vocabulary from “Savage”, “WAP”, and “34+35”. This video is definitely not for kids!

8 phrases to spring-clean from your emails (Grammarly).

Platforms and Power (Acquired). “7 Powers” author Hamilton Helmer and Chenyi Shi (Strategy Capital), joined Acquired Podcast to discuss platform businesses, and how the “Power” framework applies to them.

Halfthings (Mat Ryer). Building something for the users to play with, to touch, to feel, to break, makes all the difference and moves the conversations away from the meta. Doing “one thing” or “building an MVP” can easily pull you into a “too much” for a validation phase. Build a “halfthing” instead.

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