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Generics can make your Go code slower (PlanetScale):

  1. boxing vs monomorphization vs partial monomorphization (“GCShape stenciling with Dictionaries”)
  2. interface inlining doesn’t work well with the 1.18’s compiler
  3. generics work well for byte sequences (string | []byte)
  4. in simple cases, generics can be useful for function callbacks.

How Meta enables de-identified authentication at scale. The rational, the use-cases, and a high-level architecture of Meta’s Anonymous Credential Service (ACS).

Hidden dangers of duplicate key violations in PostgreSQL (AWS). INSERT … ON CONFLICT has additional benefits, if compared to relying on PostgreSQL’s “duplicate key violation” error:

  1. no additional space needed for dead tuples
  2. less autovacuum required
  3. transaction IDs aren’t used for nothing, preventing (postponing) the potential trx-id wraparound.

Diving into AWS IAM Roles for (Kubernetes) Service Accounts (IRSA).

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