One step closer to "Tabless" workflow

Many years ago I embraced “tabless” development workflow: I use buffers, when I’m in Vim; I also switch tabs off in both Goland and VS Code, as the first thing after I install the IDEs to a new laptop.

I’m trying the same with Firefox web-browser now:

Tabless Firefox 91
  1. Enable toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets switch in Firefox’s config (via about:config page or inside user.js).

  2. Place the styles below into %PROFILE%/chrome/userChrome.css (I pick the actual path to the profile directory from Firefox’s about:support page).

// Hide the tabs.
// Beware that hidding the tabs with "display: none" will ruine you browser's recent history,
// I've learned that in a hard way ;)
#TabsToolbar > .toolbar-items {
    opacity: 0;
    pointer-events: none;

// Pull the navigation bar up, on top of the empty space, that left after we'd hidden the tabs.
#nav-bar {
    margin-top: calc((7px + var(--tab-min-height)) * -1);

// On macOS, when not in full screen, shift the urlbar's panel to the right,
// after close-minimise-expand buttons.
:root:not([inFullscreen]) #nav-bar-customization-target {
    margin-left: 65px;

I looked at mozilla-central/··/ to get the structure of Firefox’s UI.

  1. Pick some nice and clean theme. My kudos to Safari - MacOS Monterey Light by a person nicknamed notcat.

  2. (Optional) In Firefox’s “General” preferences, switch off “Ctrl+Tab circles through tabs”. With that, pressing Ctrl+Tab exposes all currently open pages (similar to how on macOS or other OS one switches between the opened applications with ⌘+Tab).

Overall I’m fairly happy with how it ended up. Although, some things aren’t quite ideal yet (might add more as I use this setup):

I wish there was a shortkey to enter a “modal mode”, where I could filter the list of open pages, to search for a particular page, and to switch to this page. Something similar to :ls command in Vim, or ⌘+E in Goland. I can use Firefox’s “Search amongst Tabs” for that (press ⌘+L to focus into the URL bar, and querying with “%[space]”) but that requires some getting used to.

Firefox has “Show all tabs” button (Ctrl+Shift+Tab) but the way it works, at least in Firefox 91, is very confusing and random. It seems to me, its behaviour is tightly coupled to the browser’s Tab UI.

Update (2022-12-16) I’ve found Panorama Tab Groups extension, which exposes the opened pages, and it works pretty well for me. One very minor thing is that I have to use Cmd+Shift+E because Cmd+E is locked in Firefox.

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