One step closer to "Tabless" workflow

Many years ago I embraced “tabless” development workflow: I use buffers, when I’m in Vim; I also switch tabs off in both Goland and VS Code, as the first thing after I install the IDEs to a new laptop.

I’m trying the same with Firefox web-browser now:

Tabless Firefox 91
  1. Enable toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets switch in Firefox’s config (via about:config page or inside user.js).

  2. Place the styles below into %PROFILE%/chrome/userChrome.css (I pick the actual path to the profile directory from Firefox’s about:support page).

// Hide the tabs.
// Beware that hidding the tabs with "display: none" will ruine you browser's recent history,
// I've learned that in a hard way ;)
#TabsToolbar > .toolbar-items {
    opacity: 0;
    pointer-events: none;

// Pull the navigation bar up, on top of the empty space, that left after we'd hidden the tabs.
#nav-bar {
    margin-top: calc((7px + var(--tab-min-height)) * -1);

// On macOS, when not in full screen, shift the urlbar's panel to the right,
// after close-minimise-expand buttons.
:root:not([inFullscreen]) #nav-bar-customization-target {
    margin-left: 65px;

I looked at mozilla-central/··/ to get the structure of Firefox’s UI.

  1. Pick some nice and clean theme. My kudos to Safari - MacOS Monterey Light by a person nicknamed notcat.

  2. (Optional) In Firefox’s “General” preferences, switch off “Ctrl+Tab circles through tabs”. With that, pressing Ctrl+Tab exposes all currently open pages (similar to how on macOS or other OS one switches between the opened applications with ⌘+Tab).

Overall I’m fairly happy with how it ended up. Although, some things aren’t quite ideal yet (might add more as I use this setup):

I wish there was a shortkey to enter a “modal mode”, where I could filter the list of open pages, to search for a particular page, and to switch to this page. Something similar to :ls command in Vim, or ⌘+E in Goland. I can use Firefox’s “Search amongst Tabs” for that (press ⌘+L to focus into the URL bar, and querying with “%[space]") but that requires some getting used to.

Firefox has “Show all tabs” button (Ctrl+Shift+Tab) but the way it works, at least in Firefox 91, is very confusing and random. It seems to me, its behaviour is tightly coupled to the browser’s Tab UI.