Alternative font-variant in VS Code editor

I’m not a big fun of the aesthetics of VS Code on macOS. In particular, I don’t like the way how its code editor renders fonts. But today I learned!

To make the fonts looks better, at least on macOS, one should set an alternative font-variant, e.g. “Comic Code Ligatures Medium” instead of “Regular”, in the editor’s settings. To specify font-variant, remove spaces in between the name of the font and pass the variant after the hyphen. That is, instead of 'Comic Code Ligatures', set the following:

"editor.fontFamily": "'ComicCodeLigatures-Medium', monospace"

The backstory for this note is that I work on a small TypeScript/React application in my spare time this month. For something that small, VS Code works great fine. And in fact, I write this particular note in VS Code too ;)

Full disclosure, my IDE of choice is GoLand, and it has been so since it was only a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. Even though I can comfortably use VS Code or Vim when I need to make a small change or look something up in the code, I need the IDE to effectively work on a large codebase.